Staff Directory

Weekend supervisor pager numbers

Minneapolis: 612-527-3853
BDD or Saint Paul Campus: 612-818-1163

Additional emergency phone and pager numbers are posted by the phones in all housing areas.

Administrative office hours and contact information

7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday–Friday (University business days) 

Business Office 
Phone: 612-624-6169
Fax: 612-624-8149

Veterinary Services Office
Phone: 612-624-9100
Fax: 612-625-7632

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Lynn Impelluso, DVM, MBA, DACLAM
Director, Research Animal Resources
Attending Veterinarian, University of Minnesota

 Sammy Boyle, DVM

Kathleen Coda, DVM

Giuseppe Dell’Anna, DVM
Sr. Veterinarian 

Jessica Felgenhauer, DVM, MS

Jen Hubbard, DVM, DACLAM

Nathan Koewler, DVM, DACLAM
Assistant Director,
Research Animal Resources

Whitney McGee, DVM, PhD

Michelle Reichert, DVM

Research Veterinary Technicians

Jason Austin, LAT 

Angela Blum, CVT, ALAT 

Nick Burrows

Diana Creswell, CVT, LAT

Janae Diamond, CVT

Britta Gauer, CVT

Rhianna Golden, CVT, LAT

Linda Kiey, CVT, LAT

Jessica Rugg, CVT

Alden Simonson, CVT

Administrative and Business Office

Carla Ranns, CPA, LATG
Financial Operations Manager

Al J. Bryl
Business/Systems Analyst - IT Liason

Dom Fritzke-Brenny
Animal Order Specialist

Cris Hansen
Administrative Assistant to RAR Director

Chaz Mayo
Animal Ordering Specialist

Patricia Mercer-Sass 
Executive Secretary - Keys/KeyTrack, Procurement Specialist, Access Screening, Training/Transcript Support

Marilyn Mettenbrink 
Office Support Staff - Expiring Protocols

Pamela Miles
Transfer Coordinator

Corajayne Murray, LATG
Office Support Staff - Animal Procurement Coordinator, Animal Import Coordinator, Feed Orders

Becky Roland 
Office Support Staff - Card Access, Administrative Specialist for Veterinary Services

Jack Smith
Office Support Staff - Cage Cards, Order Closing

Joe Watson
Office Support Staff - Breeder Cards, Animal Transfers

Animal Facility Operations

Ed Philpot
Facilities Operations Manager

Karry Bazille
Facility Supervisor

Brooke Hart 
Facility Supervisor

Rachael Hoemke
Facility Supervisor

Danielle Hyde
Facility Supervisor

Rimantas Kirelevicius
Assistant Director of Operations

Max Meyers
Facility Supervisor

Bridget Nieto
Facility Supervisor

Eric Schoen
Facility Supervisor

Terresa Xiong, ALAT 
Facility Supervisor

Training Team

Kristin Pilon
Training and Compliance Lead

Alex Gilkey
Animal Care Trainer

Andrew Nelson
Animal Care Trainer

Mauren Pautsch, CVT
Technical Trainer

AJ Prokop
Animal Care Trainer

Erin Thorvaldson
Animal Care Trainer