Unique Mouse User Database

The Unique Mouse User Database enables investigators to share knowledge on unique mice strains or alleles via a Google spreadsheet hosted by Research Animal Resources (RAR).   

Access and add to the database

PIs can only access and add to the database if they have opted in via the Unique Mouse User Database Participation Form.

This form records your name and gives you the opportunity to provide current mouse information to populate the database. You do not need to contribute strains or alleles in order to access the database.

Participation is completely voluntary and will only be used to share knowledge, not actual rodents, and is not for breeding purposes. We make no claims of genetic quality assurance. All Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) policies and procedures must be adhered to.

How the database is populated

Initially, the database is populated with strains and alleles from participating PIs.

The RAR Business Office augments the database by adding the strains and alleles of orders and imports from participating PIs. To exclude a particular strain or allele, the PI must notify the Business Office when placing an order or importing an animal.

We annually review the participation in and utility of this database.