Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

Research Animal Resources (RAR) performs diagnostic, pathology, and necropsy services on laboratory animals.

Diagnostic laboratory

The RAR diagnostic laboratory provides a full range of laboratory services which include: 

  • Hematology
  • Microbiology
  • Serum chemistry
  • Serology
  • Fluid analysis

We perform tests in-house or submit them to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) or other commercial laboratory.  

Tests are performed on a fee-for-service basis. Contact the RAR diagnostic laboratory at 612-624-3961 for details.

Sample submission

You may directly submit samples to the RAR diagnostic laboratory on the Minneapolis campus or to the RAR offices on the St. Paul campus. 

Please contact the laboratory in advance to confirm samples can be received and processed in a timely manner. A completed laboratory submission form must accompany each sample.

Reporting results

Laboratory results are sent to the area veterinary staff and the person submitting the sample. Please provide complete contact information on the submission form. 

CBCs and chemistry profiles are generally available on the next business day if submitted before 2 p.m. Other tests may take longer, depending on the type of test and where they are performed. Any test may be ordered STAT if results are needed the same day.


Pathology and necropsy services include:

Diagnostic: As part of RAR's animal health surveillance program, diagnostic necropsies may be performed on animals whose deaths cannot be attributed to experimental manipulation. A necropsy consists of a gross pathological examination. There is no charge for diagnostic necropsies performed by RAR veterinary staff. At the discretion of the veterinarian, histopathology or additional diagnostic tests may be ordered. A fee may be associated with these tests.

Research: If research data is needed from the necropsy, this service is provided by the pathologists through the Comparative Pathology Shared Resource (CPSR) or Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (VDL). Fees associated with these services will be billed directly from the laboratory.

If RAR’s services are needed to transport specimens to the CPSR or VDL, please contact the area veterinary technician to make arrangements. RAR charges a nominal fee for transportation services.

Reporting results

The veterinarian will contact the investigator to discuss preliminary findings within one to two business days of performing the necropsy. 

Final results are generally available within one to two weeks, depending on the types of ancillary testing performed. A final written report will be provided if requested by the investigator.

Testing cell lines for rodent pathogens

You are required to have your biological materials (such as cells, tumors, and other tissues) tested prior to administration to rodents housed in a RAR-managed facility unless certain criteria are met. 

Contact the RAR diagnostic laboratory at 612-624-3961 for sample submission details and testing costs.

Rederivation services

Rederivation services for producing specific pathogen-free rodents is coordinated through the Mouse Genetics Laboratory.