Euthanasia Services

Looking for instructions on euthanizing animals yourself?

Research Animal Resources (RAR) can perform euthanasia on laboratory animals during standard RAR weekday hours.

Below you’ll find associated charges and the process for scheduling euthanasia for each species.

Please contact your area RAR veterinary technician for specific pricing information.

If euthanasia for any species requires coordination with research personnel for tissue collection or other purposes, time will be charged.


Rodents include mice, rats, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, and chinchillas.


  • Euthanasia on RAR's schedule: No charge. (This includes euthanasia of healthy animals using the "Euthanize" card, and of sick animals at lab request)
  • Euthanasia on Lab's schedule: Tech time. (This includes euthanasia required by RAR and performed by RAR staff at the deadline, and euthanasia for study purposes)


  • Healthy animals: Place a "Euthanize" card on the cage. RAR will euthanize on weekdays within 24 hours.
  • Sick animals: Notify area RAR veterinary technician or vet by phone or email. Do not use the "Euthanize" card.
  • Euthanasia for study purposes: Contact RAR Technical Services.


Charge: Materials (euthanasia solution, catheter, etc.)

Process: Contact RAR Technical Services (

Large animals

Large animals include dogs, cats, ruminants, pigs, and non-human primates.

Charges: Materials (euthanasia solution, catheter, etc.), carcass disposal, and time.

Process: Contact RAR Technical Services (