Animal & Tissue Share

Research Animal Resources (RAR) facilitates animal-sharing between investigators for live animals, whole dead animals, animal tissues, and blood samples.

  • Protocol transfers must be approved for live animals before the receiving investigator can use the animals on his or her protocol.
  • Rodents are relatively easy to obtain. Sharing other species may be possible, but often requires more advance notice.  
  • Samples shared are not always identified by strain or birthdate. The only details guaranteed are species and sex.  

Sharing live animals

You can offer or request live animals (any species) that have not been used in research via the rar-talk listserv. Post to rar-talk by contacting

Please note that live animal sharing requires an Animal Transfer Request Form.

Sharing dead animals, tissues, or blood

You can offer or request dead animals, tissue samples, and blood samples collected after euthanasia (any species) via the rar-talk listserv. Post to rar-talk by contacting  

In addition, you can request whole dead animals or tissue samples (mice and rats) by contacting the RAR area supervisor.

Please note that fees may be incurred for euthanasia and sample collection services performed by RAR staff.