Research Support

Research Animal Resources (RAR) provides information and services essential to a quality research environment.

We support the University of Minnesota animal research community by providing access to guidelines, technical expertise, laboratory resources, and hands-on training for performing routine procedures.

rar-talk listserv

RAR has a private listserv known as rar-talk. This listserv supports communication among research and veterinary care staff about issues relating to the use of animals in research and teaching activities.

Topics may include:

  • Messages about surplus animals available
  • Changes in routine diets
  • Changes in regulations
  • Requests for help, such as with a technique
  • Upcoming RAR training sessions

Contact to unsubscribe, resubscribe, or to post inquiries and messages.

Note: You must be listed on an active IACUC Animal Care and Use Protocol as personnel in order to subscribe or post to rar-talk. We will automatically subscribe personnel upon activation of RAR animal facility access.