Placing an Animal Order

Impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic have changed our processes for animal ordering and care. Please see the information on COVID-19 Animal Ordering & Care for the most up-to-date information.

Investigators can either order animals online, or through Research Animal Resources (RAR)
by calling 612-624-6169 from Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Animals can also be imported to the University of Minnesota from other institutions. An animal import order requires obtaining health reports and a veterinarian review, and typically requires a quarantine period upon arrival.  

How to place a standard order

Orders made by calling the RAR Business Office at 612-624-6169 or using our online ordering system are placed with standard animal vendors. These vendors are pre-approved by an RAR veterinarian and provide necessary information about an animal’s health status. 

Information needed to place an order

  • Customer number, protocol number, and billing account.
    • Customer number: RAR can search for your customer number and provide it to you for future reference. 
    • Protocol number: You must provide a valid protocol number for each order. If you do not know your protocol number, contact the IACUC. This is a security measure for labs and for our Business Office. 
    • Billing account: To add a new billing account or chart string, please have your accountant contact our Business Office at 612-624-6169. 
  • Contact information, including a phone number and an email address.
  • Desired arrival date. View order lead times. Additional fees are assessed if the order is placed after the cutoff time or is canceled by the investigative group after RAR has placed the order with the vendor.
  • Desired building and room number for animals.
  • Detailed information about animals requested:
    • Strain and/or stock number
    • Gender
    • Age or weight
    • Housing type
    • Pain level
    • Any special requests such as timed pregnancy, specific health requirements, surgical services, etc.

An RAR Animal Order Charge is billed for each order.

Web ordering

Investigators must complete the Web Ordering Authorization Form before other individuals can use RAR’s web ordering application.

Once we receive and approve your form, we will send a confirmation email and a link to place a web order. A new ordering system was launched in October 2019. 

Order Animals Online RAR Online Ordering Guide

After completing your web order, you will receive a message that says, “your order has been sent to RAR.” This last window will also display an order summary, including an order number, which you should retain for future reference.

How to import animals from other institutions