FY21 Animal Per Diem Rates

The 5 year Per Diem Rates Forcast explains rates and fees to house and care for laboratory animals for the next five years: 5 Year Per Diem Rates & Forecast. The FY21 column represents the rates that are in effect June 16th, 2020. FY22 to FY25 are forecasted rates to help PIs plan for future funding requests and grants.

FY21 Laboratory animals: Housing and care

Cats: $12.40

Chicks (up to 8 weeks): $1.29

Chickens: $3.46

Chinchillas: $2.98

Dogs: $17.42

Ferret: $10.15

Guinea pigs: $3.11


  • Single housed; biweekly change: $2.02 (large box) or $2.91 (extra-large box)
  • Group housed; weekly change: $2.46 (large box) or $3.45 (extra-large box)

Mice (small box charge)

  • Standard (SPF or conventional): $0.91
  • Standard housing + full autoclaved: $1.56
  • BSL2 containment: $1.81
  • Quarantine: $3.26

Rats (large box charge unless noted otherwise)

  • Standard (SPF or conventional): $1.93
  • Standard housing + full autoclaved: $2.63
  • BSL2 containment: $3.19
  • Suspended metal cages (per rat): $0.88
  • Extra-large box: $2.77

Non-human primates (e.g., macaques): $20.42

Opossum: $7.88

Pigs: $19.78

Rabbits: $4.08

Sheep and goats: $18.01

Xenopus frogs (per tank)

  • Small tank (15 gallon or less): $3.03
  • Large tank (> 15 gallon): $5.95


Post-Operative Care (+ animal per diem): $64.04/day

Technical Assistance: $53.53/hour

Veterinary Professional Assistance: $75.35/hour

Animal Ordering Charge: $52.65/order

Large animal and poultry: Housing and care (St. Paul campus)

Large animals used in biomedical research and/or housed in indoor, environmentally controlled, stainless steel/sanitizable type caging/pens will be charged at the Laboratory Animal rates.

Non-vet isolation building


  • Birth–250 lbs.: $11.38
  • Stanchion: $18.63
  • Pen: $22.71
  • Outside: $14.30


  • Tie stall: $24.56
  • Box stall: $29.77

Sheep and goats: $8.15


  • 0-8 weeks: $1.29
  • > 8 weeks: $3.88


  • 0-8 weeks: $1.29
  • > 8 weeks: $3.46
  • Laying chickens in layer cages: $3.51

Isolators and vet isolation building

Isolator unit per diem: $35.72

Vet isolation barns 

  • Service charge for room set-up and clean-out: $50.50/hour
  • Room per diem: $39.28
  • Pig per diem: $9.53
  • Poultry per diem: $3.27

Research Animal Resources Indemnification Policy

If a mistake or incident occurs that affects, or may affect, the ability to use an animal or group of animals for the intended research, an investigation into the cause will take place.

If the cause is clearly due to error on the part of RAR personnel (e.g., mix-up of animal strains, incorrect feeding of special diet), RAR will refund the purchase price of the animals or replace the animals, and will refund the per diem charged from the date of purchase until the error was discovered. If the cause is uncertain (e.g., animals are missing but it is unknown who took them; animals left without water bottles but it could have been due to investigator staff error, etc.), then no financial compensation will occur.

In the event of a physical plant malfunction resulting in the death of animals or other damage preventing the use of animals for the intended research, RAR will assist, at no charge, in writing the insurance claim for the investigator(s), but will not be held financially responsible for either damages or any deductible in effect.

If a billing error is discovered within six months of date of billing (per diem, animal purchase, special services), it will be rebilled or, in the case of overcharge, refunded; if the error is discovered at a later date, RAR will absorb the cost of under-billing.

Appeals or concerns about this policy will be referred to the Associate Vice President for Research, Academic Health Center.