Procedures & Pricing


To discuss specific experiments you would like to perform using the IBP Phenotyping Core services please contact the Core Director at

The Integrative Biology and Physiology (IBP) Phenotyping Cores offer the following procedures:

  • Body Composition (Echo MRI, Echo Medical System; Fat and Fat Free Mass, Total Water and Free Water content).
  • Indirect Calorimetry (Oxymax, Columbus Instrument; metabolic parameters recording VO2, VCO2, RER, Heat, activity). We offer two configurations: 24h energy expenditure; Continuous sampling for acute challenge studies
  • Automated Food Consumption – meal pattern analysis (BioDAQ - Research Diets, Inc )
  • Glycemia/GTT/ITT
  • Telemetry for wireless measure of blood pressure and heart rate (Data Science International)
  • Behavioral Tests (Open Field Test; Elevated Plus Maze; Sucrose Preference; Forced Swim Test)
  • Running Wheels (Lafayette Instrument)
  • Home-Cage Activity (TechnoSmart)
  • Data Analysis
  • Housing in regular rooms or temperature controlled room (range 4-30C)

Surgical services

  • LAD ischemia: Permanent ligation of the left anterior descending coronary artery of the heart to create myocardial infarct
  • Placing of flow probes in ascending aorta and renal nerve for measurements of blood flow
  • Renal, Celiac ganglia, Stella ganglia denervation
  • Implantation of DSI transmitter for chronic wireless Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temperature and Activity recording
  • Minipump implantation in rats or mice
  • Catheterization of femoral and jugular vessels in rats
  • Development of new surgical techniques