Start-up & Shut-down Checklist

System start-up checklist

  1. Turn on Laser Power Supplies only as needed (Blue diode, Argon, Green HeNe, Red HeNe) and "On" for the Argon laser. The recommended warm-up is 10 min for the Argon and 30 min for the Gr HeNe.
  2. Turn on the Surge Protected Power Outlet (computer, monitor, FV500 control unit & LG-PS2). Press the power button on the tower to turn on the computer.
  3. Turn on the Mercury Burner.
  4. Turn on the BX-UCB (Microscope Control Unit) located on the top shelf.
  5. Turn on the Prior Stage Controller Power Supply.
  6. Log-on to the computer using user name and password.
  7. Wait at least 2 min for the microscope systems to initialize then double-click the Fluoview Icon (right) to launch the confocal program. Note: it takes about 2 minutes to launch.
  8. Sign in on the log sheet (blue folder).
  9. Turn the red lever on the nitrogen tank 90° counter-clockwise to power the air table.

System shut-down checklist

Complete the following steps when you are finished with the instrument.

  1. Lower stage and make sure objectives are clean of any residual oil using lens paper
  2. Return objectives to 4x and microscope stage to non-escaped (up) position.
  3. Exit from the FV program. This may take a while, however if you turn off the microscope before exiting, a system error will occur.
  4. Transfer your files to removable media. If you have 1 GB or more in your folder on the hard drive, consider removing older files permanently (only 1.5 GB allowed).
  5. If someone is waiting to use the confocal, do not turn things off. Log off (skip to #9), but do not shut down the computer (#11) and sign out on the log sheet (#14). Otherwise:
  6. Turn off the Prior Stage Controller Power Supply.
  7. Turn off the BX-UCB (Microscope Control Unit) located on the top shelf.
  8. Turn off Laser Power Supplies (Argon, Gr HeNe, Red HeNe)
  9. Turn off the Mercury Burner.
  10. Select "shut down" on the computer and select "Log Off" from the drop-down menu. The computer will log your name out and return to the login menu box.
  11. Select the shut down button to shut down the computer. Note: power will go off.
  12. Turn off the Surge Protected Power Outlet (Computer, monitor, FV 500 Control Unit and LG-PS2). Do not turn the monitor, FV 500 Control Unit or LG-PS2 off.
  13. Turn red lever on tank 90° clockwise to stop flow of gas to table.
  14. Sign out on the log sheet.
  15. Report any problems. Note in the log sheet if minor. Call or e-mail Steve (612-209-1086, or Ken (651-270-9379, at Leeds (with copy to for any software or hardware problems that affect the operating of the confocal. Let Haylie know if any service is needed or supplies run out.

Dispose of waste (e.g. used lens paper) in wastebasket and take your samples away to be disposed of according to hazardous waste/glass requirements. Cover microscope and turn off lights.