Paul Champoux, Program Director

Paul has been managing flow cytometry instrumentation and staff since 1997. He is the former manager of the Center for Immunology and the Masonic Cancer Center facilities at the University of Minnesota and has been the Director of the University Flow Cytometry Resource (UFCR) since its inception in 2011. 

Operations Manager

Therese Martin, Senior Scientist
612-624-7680 (Lab) or 612-625-3296 (Office)

Terri has over 14 years in laboratory technical experience as well as 2+ years working in a well-outfitted Flow Cytometry Core Facility in Cambridge, England. Terri is responsible for daily operations in all UFCR facilities and has been a member of the UFCR staff since 2009.

Technical Specialists

Nisha Shah, Scientist
612-624-7680 (Lab) or 612-626-7013 (Office)

Nisha has more than 25 years of research experience and is the primary UFCR staff member in the MCRB facilities. Nisha has been a member of the UFCR staff since 2007.

Jason Motl, Ph.D., Asst. Scientist
612-624-7680 (Lab) or 612-624-6847 (Office)

Dr. Motl joined the UFCR staff in June 2013 to assume duties as primary cell sorter operator in the newly-opened CCRB facility.

Faculty Advisory Board

Chris Pennell, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor, Masonic Cancer Center

Mike Farrar, Ph.D. 
Professor, Center for Immunology

Sue Keirstead, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor, Stem Cell Institute

Kirsten Nielsen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Bartosz Grzywacz, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Lab Medicine and Pathology