Cell Sorting


There are currently three cell sorters housed in University Flow Cytometry Resource (UFCR) facilities. They are located in the Masonic Cancer Research Building (MCRB), the Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building (CCRB) and the Microbiology Research Facility (MRF). All cell sorting services are conducted by UFCR staff.   


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday
University business days 


The UFCR offers services on 3 FACSAria II cell sorters.

Cell sorter features, locations, and configuration details

Specific Capabilities

  • Particle sizes from 2 uM - 32 uM may be sorted
  • Sort rates up to 25 million cells per hour may be achieved(dependent on cell properties)
  • 1-4 sort streams into a variety of receptacles(tubes, plates, etc) 
  • Single cell deposition
  • BSL1 and BSL2 live cell handling
  • Ability to detect most commercially available fluorochromes and many expressed fluorescent proteins  


New customers should submit the appropriate form (see below) before requesting a sort appointment. UFCR staff will contact you to setup a pre-sort experimental consultation. You will be asked to submit a completed Biosafety form and provide relevant flow cytometry data for reference. After the consultation, to request services, first check the instrument calendar for availability. Once an instrument, date and time are selected, please submit a sort request from the link below. Complete forms will retain their place in queue based on arrival time of the request. Incomplete forms or other methods of request will not be processed.