BSL-3/ABSL-3 Research Laboratory Suites

A 2,900 square-feet, fully equipped Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) research space on the Minneapolis campus is available to scientists at the University of Minnesota (or their research partners) for studies involving Risk Group 3 agents and animal research. This containment facility includes three stand-alone research suites; each consisting of a microbiology and small animal research laboratory, with secure access through a common ante-room.

For more information contact Jordan Schoephoerster, jmshep@umn.edu or Erica Nystrom, nyst0065@umn.edu.

Read about the fully equipped BSL-3 research facility and its equipment

BSL-3 Necropsy Laboratory

The primary purpose of this facility is to support diagnostic work involving animal samples that may contain airborne infectious agents.

For more information contact 612-625-8787 or (800) 605-8787 or visit the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory website.

Plant Pathology Research Facility

This facility provides BL3 containment for research on economically and ecologically important plant pathogens.

Fore more information contact Stephanie Dahl, dahlx100@umn.edu, or Nik Prenevost, prene007@umn.edu.