Bioprinting Facility


Point of contact

Daniel Sorby, MS

Lab location

Dwan Variety Club Cardiovascular Research Center Building
Room 269

Mailing address

425 East River Parkway
Room 620, MMC 366
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Bioprinted MThe University of Minnesota’s Bioprinting Facility studies human cell viability, proliferation, migration, and differentiation, as well as tissue morphogenesis, in three-dimensionally printed tissue constructs.

We synthesize synthetic and natural biomaterials for use as “inks” in our bioprinting projects, including decellularized extracellular matrix solutions. We employ a variety of bioprinting techniques and hydrogel crosslinking methods.

We believe the field of bioprinting has the future potential of allowing researchers to synthesize functional human tissues and organs from allotransplanted or xenotransplanted mammalian extracellular matrix components and autologous cells. Biomedical research labs around the world are working towards this common goal, but as with any new field or technology, the fundamentals are still being optimized. Bioprinting relies on the collaboration of many scientific disciplines, including human anatomy and physiology, cell biology, tissue engineering, biomaterials science, mechanical engineering, robotics, coding, and polymer chemistry. The University of Minnesota’s Bioprinting Facility relies on all of these disciplines to create physiologically-relevant tissue constructs for applicable human cell studies.

Faculty, staff and students

Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, PhD, D(ABMLI)

Facility DirectorDr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, PhD, D(ABMLI)

Fanben Meng, PhD

Materials Science PostdocFanben Meng, PhD, Materials Science Postdoc

Haylie Helms

Undergraduate Biology StudentHaylie Helms, Undergraduate Biology Student

Daniel Sorby, MS

Facility ManagerDaniel Sorby, MS, Facility Manager

Zachary Galliger

Biomedical Engineering PhD StudentZachary Galliger

Carolyn Meyer

Tissue Engineering Lab ManagerCarolyn Meyer, Tissue Engineering Lab Manager

Ifeolu Akinnola

MSTP Student Ifeolu Akinnola MD/PhD

Dr. Steven Skolasinski, MD

Pulmonary FellowDr. Steven Skolasinski, MD


BioBots 1 and BetaBotBioBots 1 and BetaBot

Custom-Built Pneumatic Soft-Material Extrusion Bioprinter with Laser AssistanceCustom-Built Pneumatic Soft-Material Extrusion Bioprinter with Laser Assistance


Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Alteration (for PCL and Hydrogel Extrusion)Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Alteration (for PCL and Hydrogel Extrusion)

In addition, the University of Minnesota Bioprinting Facility has been accepted into the Aether 1 Beta Program and will receive one of the first beta prototypes.

The University has partnered with industry leaders in robotics and is currently custom-building a laser-assisted bioprinter.

Research collaboration

If you would like the opportunity to collaborate with our facility, please contact the manager, Daniel Sorby, at If your print plan is plausible with our current infrastructure, we will set a meeting to discuss logistics. Priority will be given to University of Minnesota laboratories.

Bioprinter build collaboration

We are also willing to collaborate with labs that have experience in robotics engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, electrospinning, thermoelectric devices, computer engineering, or mechanical engineering in order to build custom bioprinters.